Fun Clothing Facts: What You Didn’t Know About Clothes

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We all have to wear clothes every day. We know where to buy our clothes and how to maintain them, but there are so many bizarre facts about clothes most of us don’t know.

1. In Iceland, there is a mythical legend that claims you will be eaten by a giant cat if you don’t get new clothes on Christmas Eve. So I hope this Christmas, everyone asks for new clothes in their stocking.

2. We all probably know that Michael Jordan’s father murdered someone. What most don’t know is that the man that he murdered was actually wearing a Michael Jordan shirt.

3. Inspired by the classic Wizard of Oz, someone invented a pair of shoes with GPS installed, which becomes activated when the heels are clicked three times.

4. Back in the day, women would wear extremely wide dresses. They were apparently so wide that often times women would get stuck in doorways.

5. Many women wish to have long gorgeous trains on their wedding dress. The longest recorded train is 1. 8 miles long! That would take a lot of people to walk it down the aisle.

6. Initially, the color white was worn only at funerals, however, this changed when Queen Victoria decided to wear white on her wedding day.

7. Jeans get their name from sailors in Genoa, Italy because they were known for wearing the material.

8. The first pair of Levi Jeans was sold in the 1850s and cost about $5 worth of gold dust.

9. The first platform shoes were called show pins. They were significantly higher than today’s high heels.

10. The Russian military didn’t start wearing socks until 2007. Up until then, they would simply wrap cloth around their feet to keep them protected.

11. Napoleon and his army all had brass buttons sewn on their sleeves because he didn’t want his soldiers wiping their noses on their sleeves.

12. Do you know anyone that collects ties? If so, their official name is a grabatologist.

13. We all know about the bidding shows that auction off unclaimed baggage from airports. Well, in Scottsboro, Alabama, there is a store that only sells unclaimed baggage.

14. You may think your grandmother has some crazy, unique brooches, but nothing your grandmother owns compares to what they wore in the 1800s, live chameleons!

15. People living in Manhattan usually appear more stylish than the rest of society. So it’s comes as no surprise to hear that on average every person spends about $350 a month on clothes. Compare this to people in Arizona who only spend about $131 a month.

16. Have you ever wondered how astronauts wash their clothes? Well, they don’t. They simply throw their dirty underwear outside the spaceship and it incinerates upon contact with the atmosphere.

17. Mike, also known as The Situation, from Jersey Shore was often seen in clothing from Abercrombie & Fitch. The company felt that he was giving them a bad name so offered to pay him to stop wearing their clothes.

18. Nowadays, we see logos on nearly everyone’s clothing. The first logo to appear on a shirt was the Lacoste logo in 1933.

19. Clothing in the Victorian times was so outrageous. Men’s collars were actually so tight that many men died from wearing them.

20. During this time, many women also died as well from their outfits. Because their dresses fit so tight, women would typically shower prior to putting on the dress, which caused many cases of pneumonia.

21. Also during this time, corsets were so tight around a woman’s body that it served as an appetite suppressant.

22. Women all over the nation are addicted to buying clothes. In an average woman’s lifetime, she will spend over $125,000 on clothes.

23. Have you every noticed the buttons on your shirt? Well, buttons differ in men and women’s clothing. The buttons are sewn on the right of women’s clothing and on the left of men’s.

24. According to Arab culture, shoes are extremely offensive. They find shoes dirty so people are offended to see the soles of other people’s shoes. In fact, throwing a shoe at another person would be one of the biggest insults.

25. Have you ever looked at your zipper before? It’s likely that it has a YKK on it. The YKK stands for Yoshido Kogyo Kabuskiki Kaisha, which is a Japanese company that makes nearly every zipper in the world.

So, now you know a little more about clothing. To spice up your wardrobe, American Stitch can customize it with embroidery. For more information about embroidery in Las Vegas, contact 702.233.8567.

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