Screen Printing is the best way to get your vision onto a long-lasting piece of clothing! We have a 10 Color Automatic Screen Printing Press with the capability to print 1,000+ pieces per day.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that we will make the best quality screen printed shirt you’ve ever seen! We take our time to ensure that the design aligns perfectly, and use a special heat press that seals the ink together and makes the design nice and soft.


Here are a few of our most requested locations.

Right Chest

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Left Chest

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Full Chest

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Right Sleeve

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Left Sleeve

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Full Back

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Locker Tag

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In order to calculate the price of your item, we will add together the cost of the garment plus the cost of screen printing.

Garment Cost

You have the option to either bring your own items or purchase items through American Stitch. We can source items from nearly any brand from our partners. Check out a few sources listed below! The price listed is the price you’d pay for the item.


In order to calculate the cost to screen print, you must determine how many colors are included in the design, how many locations are in your design, and the quantity of items that will be printed. This cost will be added to your clothing cost if you purchase items through American Stitch.


Here is a rough outline of our pricing. Please note these are just sample prices per color and location, and may go up or down depending on your specific project. For each project, there is a minimum of 6 pieces. If you need more than 3 colors, have multiple locations, or have a large order, please request a custom quote!


  • 6 - 23
  • 24 - 71
  • 72-287
  • 288-1,199
  • 1,200+

1 Color

  • Starting at $4.42/location
  • Starting at $2.44/location
  • Starting at $1.66/location
  • Starting at $1.12/location
  • Starting at $0.88/location

2 Color

  • Starting at $8.82/location
  • Starting at $3.96/location
  • Starting at $2.32/location
  • Starting at $1.42/location
  • Starting at $1.08/location

3 Color

  • Starting at $13.22/location
  • Starting at $5.52/location
  • Starting at $2.98/location
  • Starting at $1.74/location
  • Starting at $1.24/location

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Upload your artwork file. 10MB limit.

If you want to try and do screen printing on your own, there are a few things you need to know.

The artwork you want on your T-shirt needs to be prepared properly. If you creating the artwork yourself, you need to be sure that it is the current size. If the artwork is getting printed from an image on the computer or a camera, it is imperative that the resolution is correct. A low resolution jpeg will result in poor quality screen printing. A minimum of 300 ppi at print size is best for screen printing.

You will want to double and triple check that everything is spelled correctly. Once it is printed on your shirt, it