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After sending out countless resumes and making numerous phone calls, you finally got asked to come in for an interview. At this point, it doesn’t matter how amazing your resume looks, it’s all how you present yourself now. Here is what not to wear to a job interview.

Messy hair

No matter the weather, rain or shine, you have to brush your hair. If it’s an exceptionally humid day, avoid going outside until you have to go to your interview. It’s not that your hair has to look perfect, but it should look neat and clean. Ladies should keep their hair either tied neatly back or straight down. Keep a simple yet sophisticated look. Guys should keep it short and clean.

Too much color

A pop of color is great for any situation, but the key word here is pop. Wearing a bright pink dress with bright pink shoes is too much for an interview. A black dress with shoes that are a subtle shade of pink would be good. Though it’s great to express your personality, you still have to maintain a professional look.


You shouldn’t wear any type of hat to a job interview. Whether a baseball cap or fedora, hats aren’t okay to wear. Even if it’s a casual work environment, save your hats for the weekend.

Open-toed shoes

Even during flip-flop season, it’s unprofessional to show your toes. Flats or pumps are more formal. If you do choose to wear pumps, keep the size of the heel in mind. Too high of a heel could look like you’re going out to the club. Don’t exceed three inches to maintain a professional look.

Sleeveless tops

In Las Vegas, it seems unbearable to wear tops with sleeves in the summer.  Just keep the blazer or jacket in your car and put it on right before you go inside. You don’t want to be sweaty when you walk into the interview.


Unless you are interviewing for Levi’s, keep your jeans at home. Guys should wear either black or khaki dress pants, and girls should wear either a pant suit or nice skirt.

Short skirts or dresses

Wearing a skirt or dress will look best, if it’s the appropriate length. Skirts and dresses should be at least knee length or longer. If you are unsure if a skirt is appropriate, just play it safe and choose a different one for the interview.

Wrinkled clothing

Clothes that aren’t properly ironed or steamed will cause the interviewer to see you as lazy. It’s time to pull out the iron you have hiding in the back of you laundry room. If you don’t know how to properly iron clothes, use a steamer. It’s much easier and provides the same results.

Clothes that don’t fit

There is nothing worse than seeing a guy wearing pants too short or a lady that can’t properly button her shirt. Even if it feels like it fits, take a look in the mirror. If the outfit is at all questionable, change. Your dream job is not worth losing over a shirt. Now that you know what not to wear, it’s time to spice up your wardrobe. A Las Vegas embroidery shop can make your outfit unique and stylish. American Stitch has an endless amount of designs to choose from. For more information about the embroidery services available here, contact 702.233.8567.

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