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Best Types of Nylon Weaves For Screen Printing

Best Nylon Weaves for Screen Printing

Screen printing on nylon can be very tricky. The weave of the material can ultimately decide the quality and longevity of the print. Various weaves provide different textures, strengths, and flexibilities which can affect ink coverage and the appearance of the design being printed. Below are some of the best types of nylon weaves for screen printing:

1. Plain Weave

Plain weave is the most common and simplest of all weaves. Warp and weft threads alternate with each other to create a criss cross structure.


  • Smooth Surface: Relatively smooth and flat surface which is great for intricate screen printing designs.
  • Durability: Great strength and durability for general use such as clothing and accessories.
  • Versatility: Can be applied to many products from general clothing to larger bags and backpacks.

2. Ripstop Weave

Ripstop nylon has a distinctive grid like pattern of thicker threads that run across the fabric weave at intervals. This type of weave prevents the tear from spreading and hence the name “ripstop”.


  • Enhanced Strength: The reinforced grid structure adds better strength and tear resistance for outdoor and military applications.
  • Distinct Texture: The grid like pattern can be beneficial by adding texture to the printed design for a unique look.
  • Durability: Great for products that will be used under harsh conditions such as tents, kites, and outer wear.

3. Taffeta Weave

Taffeta nylon is a smooth and crisp weave with a slight shimmer. A plain weave is used to make this fabric but with finer threads to create a more delicate and shiny fabric. 


  • Smooth and Lustrous: The smooth surface and slight shimmer help to improve the intensity and sharpness of the printed design.
  • Lightweight: Generally lightweight and great for applications such as linings, windbreakers, and rain wear.
  • Elegant Finish: Provides an elegant look and great for upscale promotional products and garments.

4. Oxford Weave

Oxford nylon weave resembles a plain weave with a basket-weave pattern consisting of two or more threads woven together. This produces a slightly rougher surface and a thicker fabric.


  • Textured Surface: The slight texture helps to add depth to the printed designs for a unique appearance.
  • Durability: Tough and abrasion resistant for bags, backpacks, and upholstery.
  • Weight Variety: Can be produced in many weights for versatility in products from general jackets to heavy duty accessories.

5. Satin Weave

Satin weave nylon features a smooth, shiny face with a four-over, one-under weave. The weave produces a bright finish on the front and a matte finish on the back.


  • High Sheen: Bright surface brings colors to life and makes print designs stand out.
  • Smooth Texture: Plush handle makes it ideal for upscale fashion accessories, linings and trimmings.
  • Elegant: Stylish look makes it perfect for occasionwear apparel and upscale promotional items.


When it comes to screen printing on nylon fabrics, there are several types of weaves to choose from. Each one has its own advantages and features that make them beneficial and different from one another. Knowing and understanding each weave of nylon fabrics will help you achieve top quality prints that last longer. Produce fine quality prints whether for your sportswear, outdoor apparel, or for fashion and style purposes. Choose the right weave that perfectly suits the garment or material you are working on and get ready to create astonishing prints.

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