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There are three different basic types of needle points: ballpoint, sharp and wedge. Ballpoint needle points have a rounded tip that allows them to pierce knit fabrics without damaging them. Sharp needle points had a sharp tip and are used to pierce woven fabrics with ease. Wedge needle points are designed to cut through fabrics (especially leather and without leaving a large hole behind.


Most needles have these types of points, but there are still a lot of variations on needles, so you can always find exactly what you need for your specific projects:


-Denim needles are designed with a sharp point and a stiff shank, giving them the strength needed to sew through the stiff materials.


-Machine embroidery needles have a large eye and a groove above the eye to help prevent the decorative thread from getting damaged.


-Quilting needles have a sharp point that is tapered, allowing it to pierce through multiple layers of cloth.


-Topstitch needles have a very sharp point, a large eye and a deep groove, enabling them to accommodate the thick topstitch thread and sew through thick materials.


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