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A group of London-based researchers are on the cutting edge of fashion, creating a new twist on apparel that could change the world. Catalytic Clothing has invented a laundry detergent that will reduce pollutants in the air. Once this new, innovative product finally gets released, air pollution shouldn’t be as big of a concern for people.

How does it work?

This new laundry detergent uses similar technology as seen in smog-eating billboards, sidewalks and buildings. When you use this detergent, tiny particles of titanium dioxide line your clothes.

The chemicals that are left on your clothes became reactive when light shines on them. The electrons will react with the air to break the pollutants into two radicals, which are extremely reactive molecules. The radicals will then react with the pollutants, catalyzing their oxidation and producing a safe by-product.

How much air can be purified through this method?

According to the company, if a person wearing the clothing moves quickly enough, one square meter of fabric can obtain 0.5 grams of nitrous oxide.

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