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Christmas In July

Christmas In July

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Behold… the first Christmas email in your inbox for 2022.

We know what you’re thinking.
“Why are they sending a Christmas email?! It’s July.”
Well, you’re right. It is July.

Which means it’s time to start Christmas shopping!

Christmas In July 2

Don’t forget to get your stockings embroidered!
Last year, all of our staff got a stocking embroidered with their names and some goodies inside.

Like many others, our industry is getting hit hard by raising prices, shipping delays, and lack of inventory available. That’s where the problem lies. We need time to be able to find and order exactly what you’re looking for! Specialty shirt colors, promotional products, and embroidery thread colors can be out of stock in the holiday season due to the volume of people ordering. Now is the time to start ordering gifts for the holiday season!

Please DO NOT wait until December to put your holiday order in! Order now so we can be 1000% sure that you will get your order well in advance. 💪

Reach out to one of our awesome team members to discuss different options for gifts!

If you need any retail or wholesale screen printing services, please reach out.