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  • Summertime Fun!

    Summertime Fun!

    Summer is almost here! The bright sunny skies will be calling to us, encouraging us to come outside and play. But, being in Las Vegas, we will not want to stay outside very long

  • Grandma’s Pride and Joy

    Grandparents absolutely love their grandchildren. They love to talk aboutthem and show them off every chance they can. And what better way than with their clothing and accessories? Whether a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a jacket, or a tote bag, we can help you create a personalized gift sure to please! Whether it is Grandma

  • Family Reunions

    Spring is just beginning and a lot of families are planning their family reunions for the summertime. Whether you are going camping, to Disneyland, or on a cruise, there is one thing that a family reunion needs: matching t-shirts! Here at American Stitch, we are experts at screen-printing and have a lot of examples for …

  • Lettering

    Do you have a child who lettered in high school? Most kids who letter want a letterman jacket, but not everyone realize what is involved. The school supplies the letter, and that is all. It is up to you to get the jacket and have the letter and the name put on. We can help …