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  • Summer Programs

    Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! School is almost out for the summer and kids and parents alike are planning their summer activities. If you are involved in planning summer camps or sports programs, you will likely be looking for items that can be personalized for the summer camp or sports …

  • Summertime


    Spring is here! The school year is nearing its end and we are getting ready for summer vacation. Summer vacation means all sorts of extra activities for the kids. From summer camps to sports teams to day cares, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to try something new, or to hone their skills. Most …

  • Uniforms? We’ve Got You Covered.

    Uniforms? We’ve Got You Covered.

    Own a business? Looking for a way to give your employees a more professional look? Uniforms are an easy and effective way to get that clean, sharp look that you want. And what

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!

    Are you planning a birthday party for someone? Call us today for help designing a personalized favor that the guests are sure to love. Whether you are planning a party for a toddler, a teenager or someone turning the big 4-0, we have what you need. Here are some of our favorite birthday favors:   …

  • Embroidery: A History

    Embroidery: A History

    When most people think of embroidery, an image of delicate and elaborate needlework comes to mind. But did you ever stop and think about where embroidery came from? How it developed? The art of embroidery has been around for a long time. It started with the use of thread and patches to mend torn or …

  • Needles


    There are three different basic types of needle points: ballpoint, sharp and wedge. Ballpoint needle points have a rounded tip that allows them to pierce knit fabrics without damaging them. Sharp needle points had a sharp tip and are used to pierce woven fabrics with ease. Wedge needle points are designed to cut through fabrics …

  • Lettering

    Do you have a child who lettered in high school? Most kids who letter want a letterman jacket, but not everyone realize what is involved. The school supplies the letter, and that is all. It is up to you to get the jacket and have the letter and the name put on. We can help …

  • A Stitch in Time…

    Have you ever looked at a work of embroidery and wondered how it was done? Let’s take a minute to look at some of the basic stitches. These stitches form the foundation of embroidery, and most of the more complex stitches take these stitches and build on them. Running stitch: The running stitch is a …

  • Choosing the Right Embroidery Needle

    Choosing the wrong needle for a project is one of the most common embroidery mistakes beginners make. There are different fabrics and types of stitches that require a certain needle in order to be successful. So, we