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New Workout Clothes Incorporate Technology

Technology is infiltrating every aspect of modern life. It’s no surprise that clothing is getting the same upgrades. This is especially true for workout gear.

If you work out regularly, you know how durable your clothes have to be. Whatever your particular workout routine, it can be assumed that your clothes undergo a lot of stress from the workout itself to the laundering after. Even if you don’t work out regularly, there’s a good chance you appreciate the strength and flexibility of workout clothing. They’re comfortable and most recently, can double as business casual.

That is why it seems more and more clothing companies are incorporating technology into their creations. There seems to be an expectation that every new clothing release is capable of more than the one before it. The result of this can be seen most in the numbers. While general clothing sales have struggled, workout clothing sales have soared in comparison following this motto. In one year, active wear sales have increased 8 percent. The sales of other clothing rose only 1 percent in comparison.

It is very possible that the higher sales are due to the technology. People will buy multiples of the same thing as long as they think the new item is better than the last. In 2015, clothing companies will be taking advantage of this in a whole new way.

The Stuff of Science Fiction

Perhaps one of the most interesting developments is the addition of Kevlar and Cordura. Reebok will be adding Kevlar to almost all its merchandise. Cordura, a super strong material found on car seats, was released in July. The names of the fabrics alone make it sound that active wear of the future will be the stuff of science fiction.

Another popular development is the incorporation of anti-stink technology. Different companies achieve this with different methods, but the end result is the same. You can have a heavy workout and not smell. Of course, you won’t leave the gym smelling like a field of flowers. The technology just neutralized the odor causing bacteria that get trapped in the threads of the fabric.

Active wear isn’t the only place you’ll see interesting developments. Some of them are down right weird. One German company is known for making the threads of their clothes out of sour milk! This sounds odd, but it’s true! The bad milk is dried until it’s basically a protein powder, then it is fed into a machine with water until it becomes doughy. The fibers are made from feeding that dough through holes smaller than a strand of your hair.

Oddly enough, clothes made from this sour milk fiber are resistant to fire and bacteria. It is even compostable and edible since it’s made mostly of milk and water. The project hasn’t made it to the market yet, so don’t go planning your desserts.

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New LED Jacket Helps Nervous Bikers

A graduate from Central Saint Martins invented clothing that will be safer for bike riders. Will Verity has developed a jacket with LED lights, which begins flashing when cars approach the cyclist. Female bike riders all over the world no longer have to be afraid of riding at night.

Light up clothing

In the UK, about 25 percent of bike riders are female, but in the Netherlands, over half of all cyclists are women. Many surrounding countries also consist of about 50 percent female bike riders.

A report by Get Britain Cycling found that less than two percent of the population rides their bikes. Verity wondered why this number was so low. After creating a jacket that will make riding safer, researchers expect the number of bike riders to increase by as much as 25 percent by 2050.

While researching UK bike riders, Verity found that cyclists are overwhelmingly white, male and between the ages of 25 and 44. Less women ride their bikes because of their fear of accidents.

Verity decided to look more in depth at the roles of cyclists and drivers. Essentially, drivers act as a predator on the hunt for their prey, the bike rider. He decided that the prey needed something to scare off the predator. After thoroughly researching the issue, Verity came to the solution of the LED jacket.

LED jacket to help cyclists

The jacket is illuminated by LEDs and the closer a vehicle approaches a cyclist, the faster the lights will flash. The jacket is lightweight and made from waterproof material, so cyclists can wear it in any condition.

Verity explained that his ultimate goal was to change the visual language of cycling jackets. Currently, there are a few jackets on the market catered toward cyclists. However, they all appear too similar to road signs, highway maintenance workers and other barriers in the environment. This causes drivers to view cyclists as obstacles instead of people.

This new LED jacket was created in an attempt to move away from this visual language and develop a new perception. Verity wants drivers to treat cyclists with respect and safety. As a result, more women will be encouraged to ride their bikes.

The jacket was created as part of Verity’s graduate project for his BA Product Design course. The jacket received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which resulted in its display at Part 2 of the New Designers Exhibition at London’s Business Design Centre in July.

Both designers and architects are always trying to improve roadway safety for drivers and cyclists in the UK. In response to many cyclist deaths in 2013, the volume of proposals has significantly increased. Other proposals included Norman Foster’s idea to build a network of elevated cycle pathways above London’s railways. Additionally, a cycling organization came up with an idea of developing a truck that doesn’t have a blind spot.

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Waterless Dyes Can Help Save The Environment

Between pollution and global warming, the environment is taking hard hits. Though we can’t reverse the ill effects we’ve already caused, we can take steps to prevent further damage. There are several clothing companies jumping on the earth-friendly bandwagon.

Every year, textile industries waste trillions of liters of fresh water by polluting them with chemicals. This ‘wastewater’ is often dumped into the sea spreading it throughout the globe. The textile-dyeing sector creates vibrant hues for fashionable benefit, but this also produces catastrophic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Factories in China produce as much as 40 percent of these chemicals.

Three companies have researched a solution to this problem. The companies developed a waterless dyeing technology that will still allow us to have vibrant, colorful clothes without leaving a carbon footprint. Two companies are American, AireDye and ColorZen, and the third is Dutch, DyeCoo.

The companies didn’t work together to create it. In fact, each process is very different from each other. However, all of them have the same results. Barely any water is used and even the quantity of chemicals has drastically reduced. The dye actually dries faster using this method, so there is a decrease in energy consumption as well.

Even with all these benefits, the only way it can make a huge impact is if this technology became used throughout the entire textile industry. Many textile companies are reluctant to try this new method. Fabric has been dyed using water for centuries now. Old habits can’t be changed that easily. Also, because the technology is new, it is very expensive to install and it can only be used with specific types of fabric.

A professor at the University of Leeds explained that ColorZen has been using this type of technology for over 20 years.

Every year, China’s textile industry disposes 2.5 trillion liters of waste water into the ocean. Among these hazardous chemicals are tributyltin, pentabromodiphenyl ether, phthalates, perfluorooctane sulphonate and aniline. Many of these chemicals have actually been banned in other countries because they have been linked to cancer.

Our clothing may look beautiful but the ocean sure doesn’t. In 2010, China begin conducting the operation Green Storm, which shut down companies illegally disposing waste water.

Apparently, the textile dyeing sector isn’t the only one polluting our waters. China’s Ministry of Supervision found that water pollution accidents in all sectors of the textile industry has risen to 1,700 a year, which equates to five a day.

Though major toxic spills are important to handle right away, they aren’t anything in comparison to the hazardous substances dumped in the water on a daily basis. Some suppliers are worse than others, including Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hugo Boss and Victoria’s Secret.

If more companies got on board with the waterless dyeing technology, it could make a drastic change in the environment.

DyeCoos’ technology works by using carbon dioxide. It is heated and compressed until is becomes a supercritical, the state between a gas and a liquid. As the carbon dioxide acts as a solvent and solute, color pigments are then able to penetrate into textile fibers. No chemicals or water are needed. The dyeing time is also much quicker, so energy use has reduced by 50 percent. The most beneficial aspect of the technology is that 95 percent of the carbon dioxide can be recycled and used again.

AirDye’s approach is completely different. Traditional methods meant dipping the cloth in a bath with dye and water. AirDye uses pressure and heat to transfer a special formula from paper onto polyester. The color will actually last longer on clothing using this method.

ColorZen’s method actually changes the molecular composition of cotton fibers. After treating the fabric, the dye uses 90 percent less water and 95 percent fewer chemicals.

Though it may be a while, if ever, for the entire textile industry to follow suit and adopt one of these methods, society can take steps to do their part. Instead of supporting these companies, people can buy plain clothing that doesn’t require dye. American Stitch can spruce it up by embroidering whatever designs you desire on your clothing. For more information about Las Vegas embroidery, contact 702.233.8567.

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Bug Repellent Clothing

Along with the summer heat comes a variety of pesky bugs. Everyone wants to go outside and enjoy the sun’s rays, but the bugs that come with the sun can make going outside very unpleasant. While there are plenty of bug repellent sprays to prevent these pests from bothering you, many of these can smell awful and won’t work for every type of insect. Fortunately, a clothing company in Minnesota has created a line of apparel that can help with this problem.

The Ticked Off Clothing Company treats all their clothing with permethrin, which is a very powerful pesticide that keeps away most insects. The best part about wearing clothes that contain permethrin? People that wear this type clothing won’t have to worry about bug bites.

Brian Sularz is a huge outdoors man, and loves to go out fishing. Mosquitos and other pesky insects would always put a damper on his fishing trips, but not anymore. Sularz is a big fan of the Ticked Off Clothing Company. He stated, “It’s nice to be in the outdoors without getting chewed up.”

Repelling Insects

The clothing company began with an idea by Mark McAlpin and his brother. Currently on the market, there aren’t many clothing options that offer bug repellent clothing for consumers. Permethrin is used to treat military clothing, but there are very few companies that offer it to the public. McAplin took advantage, and started the business in May. He decided that fisherman, campers and yard workers should be able to buy this type of clothing.

The company carries shirts, jackets, hats, pants and socks laced with permethrin. Right now, shirts are their biggest seller. McAlpin explained that the permethrin is strong enough to keep away red ants, chiggers, midges, deer flies, deer ticks and mosquitoes. As soon as the insect comes in contact with the shirt, it crumbles up and dies.

Many people that enjoy or work outdoors will become susceptible to Lyme disease or West Nile. By wearing clothing woven in permethrin, these diseases aren’t a worry anymore. This type of pesticide is approved by the EPA and appears to be highly effective, which is why McAlpin is confident of his product. He stated, “If you doubt it, I’ll refund you 100 percent.”

One of the biggest advantages of the clothing is not having to wear lotions or sprays. The clothing doesn’t have the same awful smell as many of the bug repellant sprays do.

Clothes by the Ticked Off Clothing Company are made in America, and are mainly sold online. However, there are a few local bait shops located in Minnesota that carry the brand.

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