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Avoiding Common Embroidery Mistakes

It’s true, everyone makes mistakes. However, there are three common embroidery mistakes you can avoid to save yourself time and prevent unnecessary headache.

3 Embroidery Mistakes to Avoid

#1 | Skipping the instructions.

The instructions of most embroidery projects give you information key to the success of the project. If you skip them, you’ll likely end up using the wrong type of thread, needle, or even fabric.

By far, this is the simplest embroidery mistake to avoid. Simply read the instructions and you are already off to a great start.

#2 | Using the wrong thread.

Many people make the mistake of buying craft thread instead of embroidery thread. While they may look very similar to the naked eye, they’re definitely not. Craft thread is a lower quality thread that, when used in embroidery projects, tends to lead to fraying and fuzzies. This type of thread is also rarely colorfast so washing causes the color to bleed into the fabric.

This mistake can be easily avoided by making sure you read the label before you purchase.

#3 | Marking the fabric incorrectly.

Another common embroidery mistake to avoid involves using a pen, a pencil, or a heat transfer pencil to mark your design on the fabric. Any writing utensil designed for paper is likely to bleed or not wash out completely when used on fabric. Heat transfer pencils are permanent and should only be used with iron-on designs.

For the best results, make sure to only use a water-soluble fabric marking pen, pencil, or chalk pencil.

You also have the option to take your design idea and get it professionally embroidered. Contact the custom embroidery specialists in Las Vegas at 702.233.8567 today.

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Custom embroidery for travel and holidays

Custom embroidery doesn’t have to just be for your shirts. You can get nearly anything with trendy, unique embroidery. This is a versatile service that can allow you to live in a unique home. Anything ranging from pillows, to kitchen towels, to backpacks can be customized with whatever you would like. Custom embroidery truly means customized. If you want a picture of a dinosaur sewn into your hat, American Stitch can make it happen. You want a great quote from your favorite author on your backpack? No problem. There are so many designs you can enjoy.


You can have customary holiday decorations for every season of the year. For Christmas, families love to hang stockings on their mantle. Don’t just hang plain, red stockings. Have each family member design their own custom stocking. Mom might like to bake so her stocking can be decorated with fun baked goods. Little brother may be a soccer player, so his can feature the logo of his favorite team. Dad might be a huge Breaking Bad fan, so why not design a chemistry theme stocking?


Not being able to find you luggage at the airport can be terrifying. If you customize your luggage, it will be easier to spot and no one else will mistake it as their own. Use bright colors and large designs for your luggage. You want it to be as easy as possible to find. Get your name embroidered onto your luggage so even if you can’t find it, the lost and found will know exactly who it belongs to. This works for children’s backpacks, as well. A child is likely to lose their backpack in a sea of backpacks in their classroom. Sure, stores make tons of backpacks with your child’s favorite cartoon character but other children are likely to own the same backpack. If your child wants a Sponge Bob theme backpack, get it custom made through American Stitch. This way is won’t look like everyone else’s Sponge Bob bags.

Promotional products

American stitch offers customary designs not just for embroidery. You can design your own iPhone case. This way you won’t be limited to the plain designs offered by many stores. You will always know which phone is yours no matter where you go because no one will have a case like yours. American Stitch can put a customary logo on nearly any product you have: coffee mugs, laptop cases, cork screws and more. Everyone will always know which coffee mug is yours in the office.

Set yourself apart from everyone else and live your life rocking unique and trendy custom clothes and bags. This Las Vegas embroidery shop can design your ideal shirt and even other products too. Even if you can’t bring in an exact picture of what you want, the artists can design it on their own and create the exact image you wish to have. They can have the design done and ready to wear in as little as three days. For information about services and products, American Stitch can be contacted at 702.233.8567.