10ft Curved or Straight Velcro Fabric Pop Up Back Drop

Spring is here! The school year is nearing its end and we are getting ready for summer vacation. Summer vacation means all sorts of extra activities for the kids. From summer camps to sports teams to day cares, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to try something new, or to hone their skills. Most importantly, they are opportunities to socialized with other kids and to have fun! These activities usually are accompanied by personalized t-shirts. From team jerseys to camp t-shirts, there are all sorts of ways to set a team, or group, apart. And if you outgrow them or accumulate too many, you can turn them into a memory—in the form of a quilt!


At American Stitch, your Las Vegas embroidery specialists, we can get you and your group set up with all the personalized gear you need. From cotton t-shirts to baseball jerseys to basketball jerseys to duffel bags and ball caps, we have exactly what you are looking for. We can screen print your logo, team name, number, names, mascots, and many other things on your apparel. Want a specific color, or color combination? No problem!


Call us today to discuss your team and group clothing needs! We look forward to serving you!