Promote Yourself!

Are you looking to expand your business? One great way is to increase your visibility through the use of promotional items. Here at American Stitch, we can provide you with whatever you need. We have worked with a large number of businesses, in a wide variety of industries, and can not only provide the product you are looking for, but help you find something that fits your needs best.


If you are a business in the medical field, like a doctor’s office, a hospital, a dentist’s office or a pharmacy, we have a lot of options for you. Here are some of our favorites:




-Medicine droppers.


-First Aid kits.


-Lip balm.




All of these items can be personalized with your business information, and are specific to your field. Not only that, but they are incredibly practical—they will get used, not just tossed in the trash or the GoodWill donation bag. Every time someone checks their temperature, or gives their baby medicine, or gets ready for a day by the pool with the sunscreen, your business name is right there in front of them. Whether they are actively thinking about your business or not, the next time they need to go to the hospital or pick up a prescription, you will be who they think of.


Call American Stitch today to get your promotional products underway.