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Do you have a child who lettered in high school? Most kids who letter want a letterman jacket, but not everyone realize what is involved. The school supplies the letter, and that is all. It is up to you to get the jacket and have the letter and the name put on. We can help you through the process here at American Stitch.

Bring in the letter, as well as the school colors, and we can help you find a jacket. Each school has a letterman jacket that is associated with it, based on the school’s colors. The body of the jacket is the school’s main color. The accent color is on the jacket’s cuffs, collar and waistband. The sleeves are usually black or white leather, or leather-like material.

American Stitch will sew on the letter, and will sew the name of your choice on the back. Most boys put their last name on the back of the jacket, in a block print. Most girls choose their first name in script. You can choose whatever you prefer. Occasionally, people will put the school’s mascot on the back (Vikings, Huskies, Trojans, etc.).

If your child has lettered, call American Stitch today to help him or her display the letter with a letterman jacket.

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