Laundry Love Helps Those in Need

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Everyone deserves to have clean clothes. In our opinion, this is a basic human right. No one should have to live their lives feeling dirty and filthy with who knows what growing who knows where.

A charity called Laundry Love agrees with us. This organization out of Portland, Oregon “aims to help people who are struggling financially by partnering with local laundromats to offer free laundry services.”

The magic has been happening for over a decade since the organization launched in 2002 out of Ventura, California. It all started when Greg Russinger, the national director, helped a man in need who just wanted to be treated like a human being. The homeless man felt that people treated him worse because he didn’t have clean clothes. So, Russinger made that happen for the man by finding a laundromat and giving him the money and supplies to clean his clothes.

Since then, Laundry Love has helped about 300,000 people get clean clothes. This has totaled to over 450,000 loads of laundry to people without homes or jobs. These services are also extended to people who have survived natural disasters and people who are just generally down and out. Laundry Love will even help a person get a job interview wtih properly laundered and starched clothes.

In some of the larger branches nationwide, Laundry Love offers more than laundry services. They really try to connect the community to the heart of the issue by offering tutoring services for disadvantaged children, basic medical care and even care packages of food.

For many people, the impact of the services offered is huge. Many homeless and other people down on their luck are able to get back on their feet with the help of Laundry Love. There are numerous reports of these same people returning to Laundry Love to pay it forward.

In one case, a homeless man came back and offered $2 in quarters to Rusch, a member of an Arkansa-based branch. The man said, “I don’t need Laundry Love’s services anymore. The help that you guys gave me allowed me to get back on my feet. I know the power of what [$2] can do.”

While $2 may not seem like much, the gesture is what counts.

You can become a part of this humanitarian effort in your area. There are Laundry Love branches all over the country. To take the gesture a step further, give someone a shirt embroidered with a heartfelt message from the pros at custom embroidery in Las Vegas. You can really make your gift personal with the help of American Stitch. For more information about this embroidery store, contact 702.233.8567

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