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We are in Las Vegas, and the summer is grueling. Wearing anything other than shorts and tank tops will make you suffer in the heat. The problem for many women is running out of shorts. It can be a pain to be constantly washing the few pairs you have. So why not make new ones? It can get expensive having to buy new shorts. It’s fairly simple to create your own. You can even design them in all kinds of unique ways.

First things first, grab a pair of jeans. Measure what length you want the shorts to be, then cut the jeans. It is so simple. It really takes no special talent at all to create cut off shorts. If you are going to a music festival or some other fun event, you may want to spruce up your shorts with a cool design.

High-waisted shorts are the new trend. You may not own high-waisted jeans. Not a problem. Simple go to your local thrift store, and buy a pair of mom jeans. This will be easy on your wallet. You don’t have to feel guilty about cutting up a pair of $5 jeans.

The biggest trend in shorts this summer is white, lace embroidery. This isn’t a simple design. You may want to seek professional help at American Stitch for any embroidery designs you desire.

There are other simpler DIY for your high-waisted shorts. For Fourth of July, you can spray paint your shorts to look like the American flag. This is fairly simple. Buy red and blue spray paint. Place star stickers on one half of the shorts and lines of tape on the other half. On the star side, spray blue paint. On the stripe side, spray red paint. Remove the stickers and tape. Now your shorts are an American flag. See? It’s that simple. You can do a similar process for other designs, such as hearts or polka dots.

Studs can be a super cute addition to any fun, summer outfit. These are very easy to put on. All you need is a pack full of studs and a hot glue gun. You can create the design any way you want it.

The most fun design you can do to your shorts is tie-dye. You just follow the same process you would for a T-shirt and you can be rocking fun, colorful shorts.

Embroidery offers the largest variety of creative. You can get virtually anything embroidered to your clothing. Of course, this may not be something you do yourself. You can create the design you want. American Stitch will produce the exact design that you want featured on your clothing at an affordable price. You already saved money by shopping at a thrift store. Why not spend a few extra pennies to get a unique design? For more information about embroidery in Las Vegas, contact 702.233.8567.

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