The History of Embroidery Runs Deep

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Embroidery is an art that has been around for centuries. Here is a little insight into just how deep the roots of embroidery actually run.

The History

Embroidery is the artful use of needle and thread to decorate fabric and other materials. Historically, this was done by hand. If a freehander is particularly talented, she could add in beads, feathers and sequins to an already intricate process.

Since embroidery is done with stitches, it can be said that the art has prehistoric roots. Cave men would use thread made of plant fibers and animal parts to stitch together hides for protective clothing. Eventually, they learned they could decorate their clothes with the same stitches.

Embroidery is believed to have become an art in the Iron Age, but it is said that the Chinese may have been busy embroidering things since 3500 BCE. Archeologists have found embroidered pieces of clothing dating back throughout China’s history.
Outside of china, artifacts have been found dating back almost 3,000 years showing people from all around the world wearing the embroidered garb of their native countries. Even religious relics and household artifacts have been found.

Embroidery was also used to record events. You can see the proof of this in the Bayeux Tapestry that documented the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

The Progress

By the 1500’s you would be hard pressed to find a person not dressed with embroidered clothing. Every king, queen and member of the court in Medieval Times wore lavishly embroidered garments. Even peasants were a part of the tradition.

The Industrial Revolution changed embroidery forever. Berlin wool work began to gain popularity and is probably the picture of embroidery you have in your head. The news spread in 1851 with the Great Exhibition. Shortly after that, the cross stitch was developed. Modern embroidery was not far behind.

Embroidery Today

Most of the embroidery seen in stores today is done by machine. You can see this in the form of logos on company shirts, emblems on towels, and monograms on handkerchiefs. Even people who embroider for fun tend to use machines. Hand embroidery seem to be a lost art.

If you take an item to an embroidery store, you should know that there is free motion and computerized machine embroidery options. Free motion embroidery is a bit more complicated than its counterpart and requires a person with a lot of skill and training in embroidery to get clean, even stitches.

Computerized embroidery machines are easier to use when it comes to doing shirt embroidery in Las Vegas the right way. How much an operator has to be trained depends more on the complicated nature of the machine itself.

Become a part of a time honored tradition by taking your clothes to American Stitch for embroidery that’s clean and accurately done. For more information about custom shirt embroidery in Vegas, contact 702.233.8567.

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