Happy Birthday!

Are you planning a birthday party for someone? Call us today for help designing a personalized favor that the guests are sure to love. Whether you are planning a party for a toddler, a teenager or someone turning the big 4-0, we have what you need. Here are some of our favorite birthday favors:


-Bubbles. Great for kids’ parties. They not only entertain the children, are very low on the mess-making spectrum, and help create a jovial atmosphere. What kid doesn’t love running around popping the bubbles? Personalilze it for your child’s special day and you have a sure winner.


Kazoos. Great for kids’ and adults’ parties alike. These are more effective noisemakers than party blowers, and are less likely to break in the middle of using it.


-Glow sticks. These are great for a night party, a kids’ roller skating or bowling party, or a party held at a sporting event.


-Tins. If you want to give the guests an edible treat, consider getting a personalized tin or other container to hold it in. You get the effect of a personalized item, with the flexibility that a tin offers—fill it with whatever you want!


-Silicone wristbands. Personalize it with whatever you want! Make it pithy and it will likely be worn more than just at the party.


-Frisbees. These are just a lot of fun, and will definitely get some use.


Call American Stitch to plan your party favors today!