Grandma’s Pride and Joy

Custom Embroidery

Grandparents absolutely love their grandchildren. They love to talk aboutthem and show them off every chance they can. And what better way than with their clothing and accessories? Whether a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a jacket, or a tote bag, we can help you create a personalized gift sure to please!

Whether it is Grandma’s Pride and Joy, Grandpa’s Troublemakers, Granny’s Clan, or some other cute phrase used to describe the flock of grandchildren, it will look great surrounded by characters or symbols representing each grandchild, along with his/her name. My grandmother had a sweatshirt when I was little, and the character representing me was in roller skates. I had a cousin who was represented by a character with a football, another cousin who was represented by a character with a book and a sibling who was represented by a character on a bicycle. There are so many options of characters that you will be able to find the perfect one to describe each of the grandchildren.

Call American Stitch today to begin designing your personalized, screen-printed item for the grandparents in your lives. Just pick out the item(s) you want screen-printed, and we will help get you on your way.

Created by: Las Vegas SEO consultant Joseph.

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