Fashion Tips For Men

Alright guys, it’s time to get a lesson in Fashion 101. Too many guys out there are walking around with their boxers hanging out or wearing brown shoes with black pants. This changes today. Check out these fashion tips so you can walk around more confident and be able to pick up more girls.

No one wants to see your underwear

It’s called underwear for a reason: it’s supposed to go under your clothes. The white tees you wear underneath your button up are also considered underwear. Many men don’t realize that their white undershirt is actually underwear, so they don’t care when people can see it. Seriously guys, it’s as simple as buttoning your shirt all the way. Showing your undershirt to the world just isn’t classy. If you don’t want to button your top all the way then wear a V neck undershirt.

There is one exception. If you are wearing a T shirt, then it can be exposed while wearing a button up. It’s important that you guys are aware of the difference between T shirts and undershirts. T shirts typically have a design on the front, while undershirts are usually plain white tees.

Roll up your sleeves

Nowadays more men’s clothing companies are designing shirts with a different shade of color or fabric on the inside. You’re probably thinking, “That’s so cool, I want to show it off somehow.” Well, by following these tips, you can. Roll up your sleeves to show off the interior. Now there is a specific way to roll up the sleeves to prevent them from falling down. Roll up the cuff so the exterior is on the inside. The top of the interior of the cuff will be showing. This way won’t fall down like the traditional way to roll up sleeves. Wearing various colors seems to be the new trend in men’s fashion.

It’s the little things that count

Every detail matters when you are putting on an outfit. Even the style of your eyeglasses matters. You can make or break an outfit based on a variety of factors. Are you wearing a belt? If so, does it look good with the outfit?

Another thing that has recently become huge in men’s fashion is socks. Yes, even socks matter. Wearing cool patterns and fun colors on your socks can really tie the entire outfit together. Let’s say you are wearing sneakers with a funky purple design on the side. Throw on some purple polka dot socks and your outfit just improved dramatically.

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