Family Reunions

Custom Embroidery

Spring is just beginning and a lot of families are planning their family reunions for the summertime. Whether you are going camping, to Disneyland, or on a cruise, there is one thing that a family reunion needs: matching t-shirts! Here at American Stitch, we are experts at screen-printing and have a lot of examples for you to consider.


Some families prefer a simple design, with just the name of the family on the back. Others prefer a more sporty-style, using a baseball-style t-shirt or ¾ sleeve shirt with the family’s last name and a number on the back, with a small emblem on the front pocket area of the shirt. Some families include an inside joke, whether it is a picture, a quote or something else, to spice things up a little.


Something else that we have seen is having different colors of the same style shirt. We see this a lot when there is going to be family Olympics-style competition. Each color signifies a different team within the family.


So, get together with your family and come up with a design. You need to plan ahead if you don’t want to end up struggling to just get everyone to wear the same color. Call us today!

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