Embroidery: A History

When most people think of embroidery, an image of delicate and elaborate needlework comes to mind. But did you ever stop and think about where embroidery came from? How it developed? The art of embroidery has been around for a long time. It started with the use of thread and patches to mend torn or worn clothing. And over time, it expanded and was used to embellish and decorate the things that we have that are made of fabric. As time passed, the art form developed and people began to incorporate other decorative items into the needlework—beads, metal strips, stones, bones, seeds, etc. Anything that could be used to enhance the beauty of the thing being embroidered.


The earliest examples that we are aware of come from ancient Egypt. Russia, Persia, England, India and China. Each culture had its own unique designs and utilized a certain set of materials. With time, these techniques developed, and with the advances of technology, embroidering became easier and more efficient. The invention of the steel needle and new varieties of yarn provided more options for the artist. That said, the techniques and materials used did not change much.


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