Custom embroidery shirts for every occasion

Custom Embroidery

Summer has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate. Whether it’s a graduation, birthday, or just a BBQ, there always seems to be something going on during summertime. You’ll want to dress right for whatever occasion you may be attending. Custom embroidery shirts and screen printing can help you look the part for every event that has you celebrating.


So your daughter has finally graduated from college. You couldn’t be more proud. To show off just how proud you are, attend her graduation in a customized shirt that says “You finally did it” or “That’s my baby graduating”. It will give you the satisfaction of bragging about her, while fulfilling your duties as a parent to embarrass your kid every chance you get. Get shirts made for the whole family, that way when she’s walking across that stage to receive her diploma she won’t miss you in the crowd.

Father’s Day

What better way to say “You’re the best dad ever” than with a shirt that says so. What’s your dad’s favorite sports team? Personalize the shirt with his favorite team’s mascot on the back so he’s sure to wear it during the season. Sure dads appreciate getting a BBQ or fancy razors as gifts, but a personalized gift means so much more. Not only will he wear it but he’ll be thinking of how great a kid you are every time he does wear it.

Fourth of July

This is our day to be the loud and proud Americans that we truly are. Strut your stuff in an awesome customary patriotic shirt. Whatever party you attend, you’ll be the center of attention as everyone admires the uniqueness and quality of your patriotic shirt. Have fun with the design by getting a large bald eagle on the front or you can simple get the colors red, white and blue, either way the design will look great, and you’ll be showing off your American pride.


Taking a family trip to Disneyland this summer? You won’t want to lose track of anyone so get custom shirts made for the occasion. Each family member can pick out a different Disney character to wear. Not only will it be easier to find each other in the crowded park but you’ll fit right in with the characters wandering about.


Celebrating a major milestone? Make this especially momentous with a custom shirt. If you are just turning 21, let the world know but getting a shirt that says “ID me” or “Buy me a drink”. Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention on their birthday? Simply have a shirt made that says “Today is my birthday” then everyone will have to wish you a happy birthday.

American Stitch can offer you the best deals on all custom prints and embroidered shirts. They even have a number of promotional items you can get at an unbeatable price. Whatever the occasion may be, make it more fun by dressing the part. Contact 702.233.8567 to get a quote!

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