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Clothes That Save The Earth

A group of London-based researchers are on the cutting edge of fashion, creating a new twist on apparel that could change the world. Catalytic Clothing has invented a laundry detergent that will reduce pollutants in the air. Once this new, innovative product finally gets released, air pollution shouldn’t be as big of a concern for people.

How does it work?

This new laundry detergent uses similar technology as seen in smog-eating billboards, sidewalks and buildings. When you use this detergent, tiny particles of titanium dioxide line your clothes.

The chemicals that are left on your clothes became reactive when light shines on them. The electrons will react with the air to break the pollutants into two radicals, which are extremely reactive molecules. The radicals will then react with the pollutants, catalyzing their oxidation and producing a safe by-product.

How much air can be purified through this method?

According to the company, if a person wearing the clothing moves quickly enough, one square meter of fabric can obtain 0.5 grams of nitrous oxide. On average, small vehicles will release this about 0.017 grams of this pollutant per mile.

London College of Fashion professor Helen Storey stated, “If you were to unravel the fibers in clothing and set them out as a single surface, we’re all wearing the equivalent of a tennis court. The other advantage is that we walk around in pollution, and that movement is an aid. It allows more air to be purified.”

Catalytic Clothing is currently talking with a large laundry manufacturer in order to get the product on the market. To make a significant impact on eliminating air pollution, the catalyst has to be incorporated in every detergent. The only problem that may arise is getting consumers to buy it.

Will consumers choose to help environment?

Many consumers prefer the scent of good smelling detergents when making their selection of laundry products. However, in order for the product to work, the detergent has to be unscented. Consumers aren’t going to like that.

Individuals don’t personally benefit from the detergent either. The air you walk through will get cleaned, so a person walking behind you would benefit by breathing in clean air. It is going to be a challenge to market a product where someone else gains the benefits, but the idea behind this new detergent is to encourage everyone to use it to make a substantial change in air quality.

The company is currently researching the product to ensure its safety, and hopes to release it to the public within the next two years. Though the product does not actively attract pollutants to clothes, there is some risk for all new products. Currently, the detergent is not able to break down all pollutants, so some will still be left on the clothing. But with further research, Catalytic Clothing aims to fix this problem.

Using this detergent may save the world from pollution. While you help save the world, American Stitch will provide you with stylish clothes to wear. The design staff can produce custom logos and designs for your apparel. For more information about custom embroidery in Las Vegas, contact 702.233.8567.

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Bug Repellent Clothing

Along with the summer heat comes a variety of pesky bugs. Everyone wants to go outside and enjoy the sun’s rays, but the bugs that come with the sun can make going outside very unpleasant. While there are plenty of bug repellent sprays to prevent these pests from bothering you, many of these can smell awful and won’t work for every type of insect. Fortunately, a clothing company in Minnesota has created a line of apparel that can help with this problem.

The Ticked Off Clothing Company treats all their clothing with permethrin, which is a very powerful pesticide that keeps away most insects. The best part about wearing clothes that contain permethrin? People that wear this type clothing won’t have to worry about bug bites.

Brian Sularz is a huge outdoors man, and loves to go out fishing. Mosquitos and other pesky insects would always put a damper on his fishing trips, but not anymore. Sularz is a big fan of the Ticked Off Clothing Company. He stated, “It’s nice to be in the outdoors without getting chewed up.”

Repelling Insects

The clothing company began with an idea by Mark McAlpin and his brother. Currently on the market, there aren’t many clothing options that offer bug repellent clothing for consumers. Permethrin is used to treat military clothing, but there are very few companies that offer it to the public. McAplin took advantage, and started the business in May. He decided that fisherman, campers and yard workers should be able to buy this type of clothing.

The company carries shirts, jackets, hats, pants and socks laced with permethrin. Right now, shirts are their biggest seller. McAlpin explained that the permethrin is strong enough to keep away red ants, chiggers, midges, deer flies, deer ticks and mosquitoes. As soon as the insect comes in contact with the shirt, it crumbles up and dies.

Many people that enjoy or work outdoors will become susceptible to Lyme disease or West Nile. By wearing clothing woven in permethrin, these diseases aren’t a worry anymore. This type of pesticide is approved by the EPA and appears to be highly effective, which is why McAlpin is confident of his product. He stated, “If you doubt it, I’ll refund you 100 percent.”

One of the biggest advantages of the clothing is not having to wear lotions or sprays. The clothing doesn’t have the same awful smell as many of the bug repellant sprays do.

Clothes by the Ticked Off Clothing Company are made in America, and are mainly sold online. However, there are a few local bait shops located in Minnesota that carry the brand.

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