Baseball Team Misspells Name On Shirt Giveaway

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It’s one thing to make an error in a baseball game. It’s another to make an error on 15,000 jerseys, misspelling the name of your star player in the process. That’s exactly what happened at a recent Colorado Rockies game, where a Troy Tulowitzki jersey night turned into a marketing snafu, thanks to thousands of jerseys being misspelled.

Giveaways are a huge perk for sports fans, and jersey nights are often among a team’s busiest nights. Many times, fans choose to buy tickets for giveaway nights solely for the item that is being handed out. That didn’t stop the Rockies from messing up a giveaway item of the top player on the team. After discovering that 15,000 jerseys had a name spelled incorrectly on the back, the Rockies went ahead and handed out the shirts anyway.

You would think that the team of a player who has been to All Star games and has won Golden Glove awards would know how to properly spell that player’s name, but apparently the Colorado Rockies don’t have spell check on their screen printing machines. Instead, Troy Tulowitzki became Troy Tulowizki for a night, providing the Internet with a wide range of jokes to make at the Rockies expense. With the entire sports world laughing at them, the Rockies were left to clean up the eggs on their faces and come clean about their botched giveaway.

The Aftermath

With such a major marketing snafu, the Colorado Rockies organization couldn’t just sweep this issue under the rug. The Rockies sent out an official apology to fans, explaining that they felt the need to hand out the misspelled jerseys instead of sending fans home empty handed. As a result of their negligence, the Rockies have agreed to do something that should please just about any fan that picked up a misprinted jersey. Colorado has pledged to offer a replacement jersey, which can be traded in at Coors Field or a number of Rockies team shops throughout the month of September. Additionally, the team has vowed to offer a free ticket to each fan for every misprinted jersey they receive. A classy move for sure, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that a professional baseball team misspelled the name of their best athlete on a giveaway item.

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