Avoiding Common Embroidery Mistakes

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It’s true, everyone makes mistakes. However, there are three common embroidery mistakes you can avoid to save yourself time and prevent unnecessary headache.

3 Embroidery Mistakes to Avoid

#1 | Skipping the instructions.

The instructions of most embroidery projects give you information key to the success of the project. If you skip them, you’ll likely end up using the wrong type of thread, needle, or even fabric.

By far, this is the simplest embroidery mistake to avoid. Simply read the instructions and you are already off to a great start.

#2 | Using the wrong thread.

Many people make the mistake of buying craft thread instead of embroidery thread. While they may look very similar to the naked eye, they’re definitely not. Craft thread is a lower quality thread that, when used in embroidery projects, tends to lead to fraying and fuzzies. This type of thread is also rarely colorfast so washing causes the color to bleed into the fabric.

This mistake can be easily avoided by making sure you read the label before you purchase.

#3 | Marking the fabric incorrectly.

Another common embroidery mistake to avoid involves using a pen, a pencil, or a heat transfer pencil to mark your design on the fabric. Any writing utensil designed for paper is likely to bleed or not wash out completely when used on fabric. Heat transfer pencils are permanent and should only be used with iron-on designs.

For the best results, make sure to only use a water-soluble fabric marking pen, pencil, or chalk pencil.

You also have the option to take your design idea and get it professionally embroidered. Contact the custom embroidery specialists in Las Vegas at 702.233.8567 today.

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