January 2015

Custom Screen Printing


High school graduation is coming up fast. If you have a graduate in your life and are planning on attending or throwing a graduation party

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Custom Embroidery

Summer Programs

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! School is almost out for the summer and kids and parents alike are planning their

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10ft Curved or Straight Velcro Fabric Pop Up Back Drop


Spring is here! The school year is nearing its end and we are getting ready for summer vacation. Summer vacation means all sorts of extra

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Summertime Fun!

Summer is almost here! The bright sunny skies will be calling to us, encouraging us to come outside and play. But, being in Las Vegas,

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Happy Birthday!

Are you planning a birthday party for someone? Call us today for help designing a personalized favor that the guests are sure to love. Whether

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Promote Yourself!

Are you looking to expand your business? One great way is to increase your visibility through the use of promotional items. Here at American Stitch,

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Walking Advertising

If you are looking for ways to expand your business and get your name out there in the community, you have come to the right

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Embroidery: A History

When most people think of embroidery, an image of delicate and elaborate needlework comes to mind. But did you ever stop and think about where

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There are three different basic types of needle points: ballpoint, sharp and wedge. Ballpoint needle points have a rounded tip that allows them to pierce

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